Recommend a Product

We are always on the lookout for the most Radical Natural products to feature in our limited edition kits. Here are some of the criteria that helps us determine what to feature. If you have a recommendation, please get in touch

The product is unique and effective. We strive to introduce the Radical Natural community to helpful products that they might have never heard about. 

The product can improve someone's life. We seek products that help people help themselves. However, we don't like to view this concept in narrow way. Items such as allergy-free makeup, non-toxic home items and organic clothes improve people's lives! 

The product demonstrates a track record of quality and success. Does the product have a proven history of success or a healing legacy?

The product is offered at a reasonable price point. We like to feature products that are offered an affordable price point so that they are more accessible to everyone. This way we can offer each limited edition kit at an amazing price!